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Wednesday, 9 February, 2005

Monday, 31 January, 2005

so much has happened.
and so little time to tell you all about it.

http://ska.meetup.com/3/ <-- updated far more regularly.

Wednesday, 29 December, 2004

its been a while... but we're ready to get back into the swing of it.

If you haven't been to a ska gig in the last month, then you're seriously missing out! We've had so much going on. You should really sign up with the Ska Meetup Group, http://ska.meetup.com/3/ I keep that updated with gigs and photos from nights around perth.

Regular nights are happening around the place. Every 2nd Monday at the Hyde park Hotel is Dub & Ska night, where Perth's top DJs will spin everything from 60s ska to the most recent riddems and 3rd wave releases. 8pm - Midnight, Free Entry.

Every Wednesday you should be down at Clancy's in Subiaco, for the HotShots of Reggae night, featuring Raggabeats and General Justice. 8pm - Midnight, Entry if Free.

Fridays are good for visiting the Mustang for Harry Deluxe, yes i know its swing, but i have a soft spot for swing. 7pm - 9pm for that one, and entry is free.

Saturdays you can catch General Justice and Drummy on RTR (92.1fm) for Jamdown Vershun. 6pm - 9pm, and i'm sure there's a gig on somewhere to be seen.

Sundays are good for winding down at the rosemount. Sunshine Brothers Live Dub Band & DJs can be caught. 3pm to about 9ish, you can also catch Brother B spinning some tunes at The Flying Scotsman after the Sunshine Brothers set.

Friday, 26 November, 2004

Lots of ska and reggae this week!
Tonight you can catch Sounds Like Chicken, the only east coast ska band to come to perth three times in one year... man, they must love us or something. You can catch Sounds Like Chicken all this weekend around perth. Not sure of all the gig details, but they're playing tonight @ the white sands with 8 Items or Less and 2 For Flinching, and some other bands. They are also playing up in joondalup (i think) on monday with BrainHorn and others.

Also on this weekend, is a german dub act. I haven't got any details about it at the moment, but if anyone knows about it, i'd love to get some more info. I think he's playing the monkey bar, so i might go check the xpress now... found nothing... so if you know, post it up in the message board.

If you're down freo way, then tonight at clancey's freo, there's either going to be Special Brew or Ragga beats, either of witch will make a great night out. so you could try hitting that up.

also on this weekend down freo way... there is going to be a beach party down at south beach, live reggae bands, including the Jah-love band, and djs including Sista Che and Sista Jam'n. Starts around midday Saturday, and runs till 6pm.

Sunday arvo you'll find the Sunshine bros. dub band, hitting up the rosemount with their laid back groove sensations, really worth checking out, nice and easy sunday session stylee.

Monday night, all eyes will be at the hydey for Dub & Ska party #12, which i might add has an awesome lineup, and i'm not saying that because i'm on it, so if you're a regular, try and make it down a little bit earlier, as everyone playing is gold gold gold gold gold. It will be well worth the effort.

Also there has been a change in the flyer layout, thanks to magnus' artwork, and my petty layout abilities.

In other flyer news, the flyer for the Sounds Like Chicken gig also has a contribution by magnus and myself. unbeknown to us, someone took a photo i had taken of magnus skanking, from my online photo album, and used it on their flyer. Which i'm pretty flattered by, but i think the band in question owes both magnus and myself a place on their door list... i'm looking at you 2 For Flinching.

Till next time, stay rude.

Monday, 15 November, 2004

Yes, there is a Dub n Ska Party tonight.
Staring Stephen Mallinder, General Justice and Ben Taafe Vs Bozza.

Also BrainHorn are planning a Sublime tribute night. in a couple of months, should be huge... and one of your last chances to see them, as they'll soon be disbanding.

Sunday, 31 October, 2004

However, Froodus will be in Broome, so Drummy will be taking his place.

See you all there.

Wednesday, 13 October, 2004

I'm hearing talk that the next Dub n Ska party (#9) will be all about the Dance Hall! Sounds interesting, wonder how it will turn out.

Also new photos are up at http://ska.meetup.com/3/photos/ from Dub n Ska #8.

Don't forget the gigs!

Sunday, 3 October, 2004

updates! on other websites!!
WestSka's internet empire expands... we now have a livejournal community, you can find it here.
I was testing the possibility of using livejournals blogging system to enhance the next version of westska's website... but turns out to get any real functionallity, i'd have to PAY FOR IT! so thats a no... so join it if you like... or i'll just kill it off.

Also added some photos and some gig info to ska.meetup.com/3/ there are some photos of the 6th Dub n Ska party up there, thinking about maybe using that to replace the message board system for this site. It also makes for a GREAT gig info system, as its designed to manage and mailout info about events.

however i don't think either of these will actually get me out of having to write a custom site for westska2. that said i should really get back onto it.

ALSO this from Hayley from 2 for Flinching

we're playing at the bassandean fringefest saturday 9th, at the hydey friday 21st (standard deviants, soviet valves, mickey flash, the new husseins)...

and the 31st at HQ with stars don't fall, burn for me, alleged, second from finishing

and whitesands on thursday the 21st but the line-ups not set for that yet


Saturday, 2 October, 2004

Commin' in widda lateness!


Monday 4th
Dub n Ska #8 @ Hydey
(General Jusice Vs BenDog & Ben Taafe Vs Dave Miller)

Wednesday 6th
Ska Meet-up : Reggae night @ Clancy's Subi

Wednesday 13th
Reggae Night @ Clancy's Subi

Thursday 14th
Special Brew @ Clancy's Subi

Monday 18th
Dub n Ska #9 @ Hydey

Wednesday 20th
Reggae Night @ Clancy's' Subi

Wednesday 27th
Reggae Night @ Clancy's' Subi

Sunday 31st
The sunshine Brothers-Live Dub Band @ the Rosemount Beer Garden

and i promise those are free(except maybe the Sunshine bros), unlike the Sounds Like Chicken gig.


Thursday, 9 September, 2004

From Elliot @ ska.meetup.com/3/
"Sunday September 26
Sounds Like Chicken (VIC), Brainhorn, 8 Items or Less and 2 For Flinching
Whitesands Hotel, Scarborough, WA
Over 18s. 6pm-ish start. Free entry "

Sunday, 5 September, 2004

Also check out http://ska.meetup.com/3/ seems the perth ska meetup group is growing. Its also a good place to put your email address down, and i'll try and keep it populated with gig info and events happening in and around perth.

Happy fathers day to you all, and i'll see you monday @ the hydie, or wednesday @ Clancy's in Subiaco.

Thursday, 2 September, 2004

That was a long breakfast.

I (BenDog) will be playing @ the hydepark THIS MONDAY! (6th). for DUB & SKA PARTY #6... not sure who else is playing, but i'll be posting the flyer up soon.

Tuesday, 31 August, 2004

Two For Flinching have their bio up!

More updates after breakfast!

Monday, 23 August, 2004

You can catch me(BenDog), and most of the westska crew down @
Dub & SKA Party #5
the Hydey tonight 8pm - Midnight.

General Justice, BenDog, Brother-B & Dave Miller.

BrainHorn are also playing some time soon, but they haven't told me when yet, so thats all i can say.this just in from Patty: "brainhorn are playing at the paddo on wednesday night"

I should be putting some new band bio's up soon, suddenly realised that 8 Items or Less don't have a bio yet! also 2 For Flinching should have a bio up soon too.

Thursday, 12 August, 2004

BrainHorn, 8 Items of Less & Two For Flinching TONIGHT!!!!

This from Patty(8Items)
Thursday August 12th
Whitesands Hotel
Free Entry (18+)

2 4 Flinching
The Scoudrals
8 Items or Less?
The Amputee Porn Stars

Starts at 8, cheap drinks, great bands, loose security

Come down and dance as this will be the last 8 items show for a month or 2 as we are getting a new member or 2, writing new material and allowing time for TEE to finish.


Special Brew playing @ Clancy's Freo on Friday 13th of June (tomorrow!) from 8PM, with DJing provided by Alpha-T.
If you miss that they'll also be playing at Clancy's Subi on the 19th of August.
(see flyer below)


General Justice, BenDog(me) & Other guys, (I was driving in the car when i was told about this gig, so i couldn't write anything down)... But we'll be all DJing @ the Hyde Park Hotel on MONDAY the 23rd of August, for DUB n SKA PARTY 5

Thursday, 29 July, 2004


Also check out Dub&Ska party III photos at

Monday, 26 July, 2004

Saturday, 3 July, 2004

Some gigs.

Sunday, 4th of July
8 Items or Less
, supporting Bagster(NSW), @ HQ Skatepark. 8 Items or Less play @ 1:30pm, show goes untill 7pm.
Entry $10

Monday, 12th of July
The next Dub&Ska party @ the hydey.
Feat. General Justice, BenDog & Other DJs.
Entry FREE
18+ GIG

Hope to see you at some of them.
If your gig is missing, please contact me & I'll put it up.

Hepcat to release NEW ALBUM...
Read about it here

Almost 12,000 hits!!!!


Saturday, 26 June, 2004

Photos from Last Monday's Ska & Dub party @ the hydie are up, on my server at home. http://bendog.myftp.org/skadub20040621/

Sorry for not making a bigger point of this gig on the site, but i'm a working man now.


This from Patty 8Items..

[8 Items or Less]are playing at HQ with some punk bands on the 26th of June, show starts at 1pm and goes until 7. 8iol should be on around 1:30. entry is 5 dollars

Also Bagster, a punk ska band from sydney are coming to town in july, 8iol will be supporting them on the 4th of july at HQ. show starts at 12:30pm entry is 10 dollars


Clanceys Fish Pub in SUBI, on a Wednesday, REGGAE NIGHT! ... everyone should go.! They play live old ska, they play dance hall, they play dub, they play all the good stuff. Its also got a GREAT VIBE. Everyone should make this a regular event.

Next Ska & Dub party, will be at the hydie in 2 or 3 weeks.

Tuesday, 8 June, 2004

Patty from 8 Items or Less has this to say:

8 ITEMS OR LESS are playing in the finals of Ampfest: Clash of the Bands

Finals are held in the ellie eaton pavillion of claremont showgrounds, entrance at gate 1

starts at 6, goes till 10. There are 5 other bands playing

Long Nights
Last Ride Home
8 Items or Less?
The Belts

entry is free and points are awarded to bands who get a good crowd response.

So can everyone come down and have a dance to 8 Items. We would really really like to see people dancing


Also Sophie Fulton asked me to put this message up.
... so i did.

Hi, it would be great if you'd put up a link to this on your site and get a few signatures on it! http://www.petitiononline.com/scats2oz/petition.html After all, WA is just as deserving as the rest of us!

For those who missed it, last night at the Hydey was awesome. Hopefully we'll have a few more night like that in the future.

Don't forget that Wednesday night is RASTA NIGHT @ Clancey's fish pub in Subi... hope to see you all there.

Monday, 7 June, 2004

Dub & Ska night
@ Hyde park hotel.

Saturday, 8 May, 2004

Added Leemo's review of last years Sounds Like Chicken show @ mojos.

you can find it here.

Sunday, 14 March, 2004

The Beat aren't coming to perth anymore, this has been posted up on the message board for quite some time. However today i received an email from someone telling me that they are no longer coming. Which made me realise, not all of you check the message board.
You should! the message board is where it all happens.

8 Items or Less are playing the ECU Tavern on St. Patrick's day(17th), you should go check these guys debut performance. It will be a rewarding experience for all! - I think they play at about 4pm. I think.

Behind the 8 Ball are playing on the 27th of March at the Lookout. Doors open at 4pm BT8B play at 8pm. Apparently they are playing after the 'Ralph Show Girls', being the lookout i'll suspect that this isn't a clever name for a band, and is infact a bunch of bikini models.

Also, the Slackers live album is so good, you all should find a copy.

Thursday, 22 January, 2004

The BEAT (a.k.a. the international beat, a.k.a. the english beat, a.k.a. the british beat) are coming to perth!
wed 7th of april @ the globe (venue may not be confirmed yet)
price will be about $25-30.

and there are still 4 original members in the group... that's pretty good for a two tone band.
hell that's pretty good for a ska band of any wave that's still around today.

Bad Manners were meant to be playing on the 13th of May, but Buster got pretty sick... hope its nothing serious...
but anyway Bad Manners should be heading down to perth in december of this year for some shows too.

other people to keep an eye out for are The Selector, and the M.M. Bosstones.

Wednesday, 14 January, 2004

sign up now!

Saturday, 20 December, 2003

Tragic News just in.

"Laurel Aitken - 78 year old Godfather of Ska - is very ill in hospital in Leicester suffereing from double pneumonia. Doctors advise that he will never be able to perform/sing again.

Laurel was due to appear at Club Ska, Rayners Lane on the 3rd of January to launch his new CD release on Trojan records - 'Laurel Aitken - Live at Club Ska'.

After discussions with Laurel's wife it has been agreed that the show on the 3rd will be a tribute and benefit for Laurel and his family - the following have agreed to perform at this very special show: Pat Kelly, Intensified, Station No. 1, Pressure Tenants, and several other major Ska and reggae artists will
also appear."

Thanks to (Ska) Tracey Newman & Skanews.net for the details.

Thursday, 18 December, 2003

Hey, well i'm back from Japan... saw some great ska over there... should post up a review with about as much as i can remember, it was a bit hard as there were 10 bands and probably an equal number of DJs

Just got an email from Shane of Special Brew, he had the following to say (actually he had a bit more to say about a possible SQL server for the site, but that isn't as important).

"we've got some gigs coming up. 27 Dec at the Civic (probably $7)
and 2 Jan at Lakers Tavern Thornlie (free)."

should be more updates soon.


Thursday, 23 October, 2003

Oh and there are some more photos online, the layout is a bit dodgy, but they're up... thanks to Lee for the photos, you can find them here.

Thursday, 23 October, 2003

Yes, I am still alive...
and i have good news, especially if your poor (like me).

October is the month of free!
First up in our month of free celebrations...

Perth's Old-boys of SKA are playing
this Saturday (25th October) at the Indie Bar in Scarborough (27 Hastings Street). for FREE!

They also have 3 new covers
Saturday Night by MADNESS,
Our House by MADNESS

Rock the Casbar by THE CLASH.

Which Brings them up to a total of 40 songs.

They'll also be at ther Civic Hotel again on the 22nd of November ($7 entry)... hope you guys make it, because i'll be in japan.

Thanks to Ska Tracey, i've been given a few Ska MP3s to share with you all... you can find these here. http://www.geocities.com/skatracey/wrongway.html

also some more news from Tracey, about a new ska label.

Wrong Way a new Australian ska/ punk indie label/distro have just announced they are handling Australian distribution (some exclusively) for Australian and International ska bands/labels (UK and USA).

Australian bands include Loin Groin, Strange Tenants and Oiska (Paul West (now Area 7)).

International acts include David Hillyard and the Rocksteady 7 (side project of The Slackers), Six Foot Deep (pre-Hepcat and pre-Save Ferris).

International Ska Labels include Megalith Records (post Moonska NYC Records) and Good Clean Fun Records (United Kingdom).

Catch Wrong Way at the Victorian Ska Festival, Corner Hotel Richmond, Sat Oct 25.
For further information: Tracey Newman wrongwayinfo@tpg.com.au

New Dub Band from QLD

Website: http://tempertone.port5.com

Tempertone seem to be Running a similar line to the non-jamaican sound (LBDAS, Salmonella & that BT8B song), very beachy sounding... the sort of thing you'd expect on a surfing vid soundtrack, or maybe skateboarding (if it were in slow-mo).

Check it out.

New Perth Sounds

Everyone loves it when a new ska band rises up from the underground. I've been hearding a few rumours of things stirring downstairs, and there are a couple who have come out.

8 Items or Less have been around for a while, this however is their first official mention on this site. Keep your ears out for anything coming out from their amps, I'm yet to hear anything from them, but i did get to meet them at the Less Than Jake show a little while ago, and they look like they may be set to start filling the crusty ska hole left by the end of The Bankrupt.

DubSka (feat. former members of Special Brew) have gone quiet of late, but none the less i am still expecting quite big things from this band when they finally start playing shows.

A new Ska/reggae/dub group could be coming together, heard a few conversations of late talking about making an old school ska band, similar to Trojan Records era stuff. As always you'll be posted as oon as anything else comes up.




Wednesday, 27 August, 2003

hey look 8000+ hits!
and here is a message from Josh

just a quick note that behind the 8 ball are playing with said girl, tantrum and nine others at the lookout this sunday. $8 if you mention behind the 8 balls name at the door.


Sunday, 17 August, 2003

Next Special Brew Gig -

Civic Hotel, Beaufort Street Inglewood
6th September, 8pm onwards
door charge of $7

Saturday, 16 August, 2003

heres a bunch of our upcoming dates!

-fri 22 aug@ waterford w/ waste of space and others - free entry
-thurs 4 sept@mojos w/ brainhorn and W.O.S. - $5 entry
-sat 6 sept@ white sands w/ brainhorn and dyslexic fish - free entry
-sat 6 sept from 3pm @craigie leisure centre w/ local pricks and more ALL AGES!
-fri 3 oct @ the swan basement "session4" w/ imprint, dyslexic fish and more

we've also got our first tour lined up for the last weekend of september. we're hitting up a couple of towns down south wich should be fun. more info later.


Tuesday, 22 July, 2003

Just got an SMS from Josh 8ball.
Tomorrow night at the Newport - Cheap drinks, Free entry and Behind the Eight Ball.

Thursday, 26 June, 2003

Josh just sent me these gig dates for Behind the 8 Ball

saturday @ hq all ages w/ saving rushmore, falling short and more

saturday night @ white sands scarborough - free entry, free pool, free sausage sizzle- w/ w.o.s. brainhorn and mr sandman

sunday @ mojos -free entry- w/ sommerset

friday 4th of July @ the vault - all ages- w/ majestica, last ride home and more

sunday 6th of July @ newport for SLAM w/ dyslexic fish, brainhorn, w.o.s. and more

Sunday, 22 June, 2003

Was cleaning my room and found a press release from Universal/MCA/Gasoline Alley from when sublime released Second Hand Smoke.
Its now up on the website under articles, or click here.

Don't forget upcoming shows.

Ska night @ MOJOs
Tuesday 1st of July

Waste of Space play
Wednesday July 2nd @ Rosemount Lounge.
Sunday July 6th @ the Newport in Fremantle.

Special Brew play
Sunday 6th July @ the Orient Hotel Fremantle

Tuesday, 10 June, 2003

Regular Ska night in perth! well actually its freo.

There will now be a Ska/punk/reggae night @ Mojos in Fremantle, starring Behind the 8-ball, Brainhorn and Waste of Space. the first Tuesday of each month

Also in site news.
Behind The 8 Ball & Special Brew website url's have been updated!

Wednesday, 21 May, 2003

7000+ Hits!
Time to celebrate with an update!

Behind the 8 Ball's website is online!
they have a FREE show happening on
saturday june 7 @ the carlton hotel (Hay street - east)

Also, Special Brew are back!
and they have 2 gigs coming up.
Sunday 1st june @ The Basement Fremantle 7.00-8.00pm
Sunday 6th July @ the Orient Hotel Fremantle

There could even be more updates soon!

Saturday, 8 March, 2003

My computer was wiped this week, I've lost my entire email mailing list!

But on the positive side... i'm going to revise the whole site!

Don't forget Behind the 8 Ball & Waste of Space @ murdoch uni this thursday!


Wednesday, 19 February, 2003

Hey check it out! - 6000! hits!

Behind the 8 Ball play TONIGHT! @ the newport!
Free entry & dirt cheap drinks!!

if you can't make that gig, Behind the 8 Ball are also doing a show with Waste Of Space at the Murdoch Uni tavern.
Thursday 13th of march, at about 3pm.

Thursday, 13 February, 2003

WestSka on ice?
no longer!

Now that my computer is back in one working piece i'm free to start updating again.

in current news...

Waste of Space support Silent Corporation (aka Secondbest) on their 1st tour of W.A. since the name change.

Dates are as follows:
* Friday February 21st - Prince of Wales Bunbury
* Sunday February 23rd - All Ages @ Leederville HQ

Tuesday, 7 January, 2003

Behind the 8 Ball gig added for 17th of January... Gig guide finally updated too.

All-Ages Waste of Space gig added for 12th of January

Monday, 30 December, 2002

The Beat reform!
apparently, they are to play a show on the 7th of feburary in London, but its not clear if their back for one show or many.

see the skanews article

Friday, 27 December, 2002

Brother-B emailed me today, informing me that the RTRfm (92.1) show Black & Blue are going to dedicate the last half hour of their show to Joe Strummer...
... by pulling out a substantial collection of old 7" records.

for the full play list... check the WestSka message board.

Wednesday, 18 December, 2002

For anyone interested in some Fred Perry gear, there's a store in town which has opened recently stocking many Perry polo shirts and jackets. Its called Realm, and you can find it on King Street, near the Hay Street end.

for more info contact : realm_man_woman@hotmail.com

Monday, 16 December, 2002 (part 2)

Gig Announcement:

Behind the 8 Ball play a "battle of the bands" show to fight for a spot at next years melville YAC festival (YAC it up '03).

Friday 20th December 2002
@ the Vault (behind garden city booragoon)

Behind the 8 Ball play at 6:00pm sharp.
turn out is a big part of the judgment, so please come down and help out.

(gig guide is NOT updated.)

Monday, 16 December, 2002

yes, its been a while..
so lets have a look at what's happened over the last month or so.

Well, from all reports Special Brew have a new line up... and possibly a new name?
From what i've gathered, it appears that
Simon (singer) & their bassist Zane have left the band to start an original two-tone act!
The rest of
Special Brew have picked up a new singer/guitarist and are looking for a new name, and shall continue as a nine-piece soon enough.

Waste of space were reunited with their other original guitarist at the WestSka show late last month, Paul was invited up on stage as a guest of honour to play a few tracks.
Paul has been working out at mining stations for the last year or so.


Sunday, 10 November, 2002

where have i been for almost ten days?!
well i've been a busy little beaver, trying to live my busy beaver lifestyle.
why isn't the gig guide updated?
(see above)

on to the important news...
Special Brew & Behind the 8 Ball @ "la bog" in freo..

Thursday, 31 October, 2002

Our counter is back, minus a fair few hits..
Strangely the code that i changed when the counter went down, has reverted back to what it was before the counter died.. weird!

Tuesday, 29 October, 2002

Our counter has been reset!
in the almost year from 5th of November to 28th of October we had almost 5,000 visits!
Pretty good for a little site like this.

Gig News:

Reel Big Fish play the raffles hotel (Canning hwy, Applecross) on Thursday the 7th, I haven't got my ticket yet, but Burgs tells me they're selling for $37.50.

Special Brew and Behind the 8 Ball at The Bog (freo) on Friday the 15th. entry is FREE before 12!

Yeah, i know..
"what's with the venue?" ...well i think its fairly impressive to see Ska bands playing at a venue like the bog. Especially when you consider that Behind the 8 Ball are a young original music act. Original music breaking into the cover band market.. how can that be a bad thing!
..and people say ska is dead..

Monday, 28 October, 2002

Behind the 8 Ball bio is updated.
- Added new
Show Review.

Thursday, 10 October, 2002

Two killer shows for Perth ska coming up!
#1 -
Special Brew & Behind the 8 Ball at the newport in Freo on Sunday!

#2 - Westska#3 at the Grosvenor Front-room on Thursday! with Waste of Space, BrainHorn, Behind the 8 Ball & Open Other Side.

Behind the 8 Ball have a new mp3 online, an early production version of "Get Smart"... you can find this file at http://www.mp3.com.au/behindthe8ball and while you're there, why not check out some other australian ska!

Sunday, 22 September, 2002

WESTSKA#3 has been updated!
The line up is now
Waste of Space, Behind the 8 Ball & BrainHorn. With the opening spot looking like its going to Open Other Side.

In Waste of Space news, the band have been training Spencer's Brother as their new guitarist. He will be replacing Chay (the guitarist from a Change of Face).

Thursday, 19 September, 2002

The gig guide has been updated into October!
Including the next westska show!!

Speaking of the next westska show... we've still got places available for opening acts... if you feel like playing... email us (you'll find the email address just to the right of this text)

Tuesday, 3 September, 2002

Updated the gig guide!
Don't forget this Friday's show:


Wednesday, 28 August, 2002

Updated the Gig-guide...
shows (feat. Behind the 8 Ball & Waste of Space) this weekend!

Wednesday, 7 August, 2002

Updated the gig guide.
Local Pricks CD Launch information.
Friday 9th @ the Amplifier
And the all ages
Sunday 11th @ Headquarters

Monday, 29 July, 2002

lick to see big
WestSka#2 at the Hydey this Friday!
Waste of Space, Behind the 8 Ball, Open Other Side and for their final final show Kudos Infant. FREE ENTRY bands start at 9pm

Also on friday, Special Brew & DJ Alpha-T play the UWA tavern, 4pm-6pm.

Gig guide has been updated!

Thursday, 25 July, 2002

The Bad News
Kudos Infant
have called it quits. They will be playing their last show at WestSka#2. Ben has told me that they will be doing this show with electrics, he felt their last show "should be done properly".

The Good News
WestSka#2 seems to be going along without a hitch! Its about time we got some good luck. The line-up is finalised and will be in this order Open Other Side, Behind The 8 Ball, Kudos Infant & Waste of Space (first to last). The night should be starting at about 9pm, and as always Entry is FREE.

Their are rumours flying around about new ska bands starting up around perth. I haven't heard anything substantial enough to comment on yet, but the outlook is good.

I've also put another mp3 file up for you.
Ska King Crab - Suburban Rudeboy. You can get it here.

Thursday, 11 July, 2002

A Special Treat.
For a limited time, Westska.ii.net will be providing for your listening pleasure The Busters - Beast of the Night from their Welcome To Busterland (1999) album. For more info on The Busters try their website. For the mp3 click here!

BrainHorn are playing at MoJos in freo tonight, at 11pm. Its not in the gig guide, because I don't have enough of the details to put it there.

The Bands page has been updated. I've added two DJs and divided it into two sections Bands & DJs. I've also updated some of the bios. If you fancy yourself a Ska/Punk/Reggae DJ then email me and I'll put you up on the list.

A "New" photo gallery is up, its some of the photos I took from the first ever Bankrupt DJs show @ the Pit Theatre for the Dead Ends CD Launch last year.

Finally BIG PROPS, to Magnus.
Because I know he'll find the time to draw up a cartoon for the Westska Show #2 flyer!

Thursday, 4 July, 2002

Updated the gig guide
BrainHorn show for this Saturday night.

Sunday, 30 June, 2002

In WeskSka News

Behind the 8 ball have some demo versions of their Debut EP "A new girl for summer" floating around. If you're a die-hard fan you'll probably do your best to get this version. But for the rest of us, we'll just have to wait untill the final mixeddown version is given out to the public.

Also on talk of "Debut" cds, SpecialBrew 2002 are releasing copies of their awesome show last sunday on cd. You should be able to find the "Live at the Freo Underground EP" soon. They should be selling for about $8,

Updated the url for the SPECIAL BREW homepage on the bands page.

Added Photos from last Sundays show at the Basement here.

Updated Gig-guide into september.

and i also changed the font? did you notice?

Friday, 21 June, 2002

Sent out this weekends email.

Don't forget, BrainHorn this Saturday
Special Brew this Sunday

Monday, 17 June, 2002

Updated gig guide... that is all!

Friday, 14 June, 2002

Updated gig guide - added BrainHorn shows for June

Thursday, 13 June, 2002

Gig guide has been updated.

The last ever Rub-A-Dub session at phillimores will be held this friday night. Its sounding like it will be huge!

Thursday, 23 May, 2002

Updated the Gigguide.

Westska show still on for Friday!
Waste of Space, Negative Reply, All In Deep Shit & The Beverly Killbillies. You can see they flyer here. Behind the 8 ball unfortunately had to pull out as their drummer was damaged in a skateboarding accident.

Tuesday, 14 May, 2002

The show for the 17th is canceled! Due to a massive exodus of bands.

The show for the 24th will still go ahead as planned. Featuring Waste of Space, Negative Reply, Behind the 8 Ball and All in Deep Shit @ the Hyde Park Hotel, 8pm-Late, FREE ENTRY!

Tuesday, 7 May, 2002

Sorry that their haven't been many updates but i've been as busy as a little beaver the last few days.

The gig guide has been partially updated.

The 1st ever Westska show is on next friday (17th)! Right now the line up is Negative Reply, Special Brew, Dyslexic Fish and the Beverly Killbilies, but with the luck i've had who knows whats going to happen.

Sunday, 28 April, 2002

Added 2 new shoes for May and updated the lineup for the westska show #1.

Bankrupt are taking a break due to loosing another guitarist.

Kudos Infant are also taking a break because Ben will be over in the USA for his friends wedding.

Also in weddings, congratulations to Kim-Reply and Kylie on their recent engagement!

Tuesday, 16 April, 2002

Added Kudos Infant bio.
Added Brainhorn show on the 20th of April @ the WANEROO TAVERN... its a battle of the bands and 50% is on crowd reaction. Support local ska tallent and go down and drink a few and make some noise!

Wednesday, 10 April, 2002

Updated the gig guide!
don't forget Behind the 8 Ball and BrainHorn are playing at the Murdoch Uni Tav, tomorrow at 3pm! come one! come all!! entry is FREE!!!

Sunday, 7 April, 2002

Thursday the 11th of April (this Thrusday) Brainhorn & Behind the 8 ball are playing for FREE at the murdoch uni tavern, 8ball start at 3pm and BrainHorn should be on about 4:00-4:30pm.

and to celebrate this love, we're putting on a show just for you! its on the 17th of may, so come down to the Grosvenor and have some fun.

Gig guide has been updated!

Wednesday, 3 April, 2002

sad but true, Corner Pocket have decided to call it a day. The same old reason was given "musical differences", not much else has been said. It came as a shock, as most people were thinking big things were going to happen for them.

Kudos infant have confirmed that there will be acoustic songs on their forthcoming release, planned for later this year. Kudos have also just started playing shows with Rhys Walters (waste of space) on bass guitar.

Behind the 8 ball were going to start recording their debut EP this weekend, but a skateboarding accident involving their drummer Troy has caused the recording to be rescheduled

Also in rescheduled news, the WestSka show at the Grosvenor (19th of April) has been moved to next month, due to unforeseen circumstances. Also on the cards is a WestSka show at the hydie in late may.

Special Brew have reformed and should be ready to play in a few weeks. Be on the lookout for them at the next WestSka show.

Thursday, 21 March, 2002

Added 6 shows for may, featuring Identity Theft(Vic), Secondbest(NSW), Irrelevant(NSW).
Added Rocket Science / Fez Perez show for april.

Wednesday, 20 March, 2002

Updated the Gig Guide, added UWA tavern show with Behind The 8 Ball (28th march)

Saturday, 16 March, 2002

Gig guide expanded to May, countless new shows have been added!

Perth Two-Tone band SPECIAL BREW are seeking a Lead Guitarist and Bassist who aren't after money but want to play ska. The band plays originals and covers by artists such as the Specials, Bad Manners, Madness and more. If you are interested please contact Mark by emailing markspecialbrew@optusnet.com.au

Don't forget the St. Pat's day All Ages show tomorrow (Sunday) at the Leederville skate park. Featuring: PC Thug, Waste Of Space, A Change OF Face, Kenoath, Corner Pocket, Forthright and the Bankrupt DJs playing all day.

We hit 2000 hits! WOO!!

Thursday, 14 March, 2002

Added Behind the 8 Ball "battle of the bands" show - 20th March @ the Newport in Freo.

Monday, 11 March, 2002

Added 5 shows to the gig guide (1 all ages one) also updated the link in simon's history of ska article.

Wednesday, 6 March, 2002

Updated the gig guide. Brain Horn, Kudos Infant & Special secret Guests, this Saturday night!

Tuesday, 5 March, 2002

Updated the Gig Guide, added 4 new shows for this weekend.

Saturday, 2 March, 2002

Updated the Gig guide for march.
Shout outs to Ainslie Webber and Mari Gilmore from UWA O-Day. Welcome to the underground!

Bad Manners touring Australia!
You guessed it there are no shows lined up for perth (keep your fingers crossed). If anyone is interested in possibly going over east for their shows in april, contact rohan and i at bankruptdjs@westska.ii.net.

Tomorrow night a new Reggae band called Ragga Beat are playing at the indi club (scarbs, under the white sands). I'm not sure how much it costs to get in, but it sounds like its going to be a good show!

Also in May (the 11th to be exact) there will be a Jamacian style sound class between our local Jah Wisdom selectas and the victorian Chant Down Babylon selectas. The venue isn't confirmed yet, but it sounds like it will be a huge reggae show.

Don't forget on the 19th is the 18+ Westska show at the Grosvenor with all your favorite ska bands!

Friday, 22 February, 2002

Updated the gig guide... finally!

Thursday, 14 February, 2002

The first Westska show date has been confirmed the 19th of April at the Grosvenor Frontroom. Now all I have to do is get everything organised. I'm sure that wont take me 2 months.

Should be some updates soon, I hope.

Monday, 4 February, 2002

sorry for the lack of updates, I've been sick for the last week.
BUT, we're back now and popping up the updates.

- new shows for February
- new record review
- fixed the links for the gig guide
(have to do this manually each month)
- many ramblings on the message board


Saturday, 26 January, 2002

Now lets all get pissed and play backyard cricket.


Friday, 25 January, 2002

More updates!
There's a new show review, from a corespondent over in England! the show featured the seleter and 20 dead camels, an interesting read.

I also received a book review, the book apparently (I haven't read it myself) is about a black skinhead kid. As I haven't got a reviews section for books yet, I've posted the email up on the site, and the only place you can get it is here!

in non-ska news AIDS are soon to release their demo, so keep watch for it over the next few days. I'm not too sure if anyone is supposed to know about it yet, but its a bit late now.

Should be putting some photos up over the next few days. Possibly some "crew" related stuff, profiles and pics and things like that.

If anyone has anything to add. Please email us and we'll put it up on the site! the email address is submit@westska.ii.net

Tuesday, 22 January, 2002

Super Dooper Updates!
Gig guide updated 2 shows for January (and staceys birthday) and 3 extra shows for February.
Also added is Corner Pockets bio info in the band section, enjoy.

oh and sign the messageboard!

p.s. welcomes to our newest member miss islay f (no relation to the summer bay one) who's joined our lovely crew.

p.p.s. news email out soon.

Saturday, 12 January, 2002

we now have had over 1000 visitors.

Gig guide has been updated, Mojos crank show lineup and Grosvenor Backroom show on the 26th added. (thanks todd)

thats all for today

Thursday, 10 January, 2002

Even more updates!
The gig guide had been updated added the valentines day show at the Grosvenor front.

BrainHorn are going into the studio on Monday(14th) to record a new five track EP, which by all counts should be worth looking out for. Also in things to keep an eye out for, apparently there is a "rather venomous reply" to martin-brainhorn's letter to the X-press(issue#777) in todays issue.

Should be some more content added soon! everyone has been really busy over the break, well too busy to take some time out to write for westska. Our new fashion advisor (leesh quit) has been kept very busy by her paying job recently and hasn't had enough time to breath let alone write for us.

Wednesday, 9 January, 2002 (part 2)

More updates!
The Links section just got 2 new ska resources added to it. Also the Articles section also got a further 2 articles both about how to skank, one slightly more detailed than the other, but both good. It is quite hard to describe Skanking with words and not actions.

In music news, Kudos Infant have finally finished recording their 8 track CD. which is now a 12 track CD, it features 8 of their older songs and (quite obviously) 4 of their newer songs. These 4 newer songs will be re-recorded along with others (this isn't confirmed) for a "big-ass record" they will be doing over the next few months.

The 12 track CD is still waiting on the Art work to be printed before it hits us on the street, but keep an eye out for perhaps an mp3 or two on this site over the next week or so (and quite possibly a review).

Also in Kudos news, happy birthday to Tim (bass) who celebrated his birthday yesterday!

Enjoy the new reading, more and more to come soon!

Wednesday, 9 January, 2002 (part 1)

well this week we've had a truckload of people come visit the site. Perhaps it has to do with our new photos section, perhaps not. The photos section has finally scored a place on the nav bar (as you'll be able to see if you look a little to the left of here) but unfortunately to make room for it I've had to shrink the size of the font.

Also an Articles section has been added. This section will be available to articles dealing with all aspects of ska, things like how to skank, what ska is and other philosophical ska things will be found in there. Already up in that section is a History of Ska with an Australian perspective, written by Simon Smith a rudeboy from the east.

The Gig guide has once again been updated, and should be pretty much up to date with what's going on over the next couple of weeks, if you see anything that's not right email us at problems@westska.ii.net

Waste of Space are taking a break after a busy December. Claire (tenor sax) is currently in jolly old Melbourne. They'll be back for some shows shows in January but after that another break with Drummer JJ and Trumpeter TA are planning on vacationing to the Goldcoast in Febuary. Also in early Febuary Also-sax player Yancey heads over to the UK to better her career for a few years. She will be replaced by Caitlyn who some of you may know.

Wednesday, 2 January, 2002

Tonight! is CANCELED Corner Pocket and The Bankrupt DJs will not be playing at the Grosvenor front room for maximum rock n' roll! the sound guy is sick

The Photo Gallery has been Uploaded! you can find it here

The Bankrupt DJs have finished the recording and mastering of their first mix CD and are looking forward to release as soon as the artwork is designed and printed.

Bankrupt have finished recording (after many months) their track Nevergreen. Featuring Ex-guitarist Kim on vocals and guitar. You will be able to find it at mp3.com.au as soon as they resolve their server problems, but for now its floating around on mp3 about the internet. Bankrupt have also announced that they have found and confirmed guitarist Luke-Deadhand to fill the void caused by Kim leaving the band.

In just over two weeks we have had 200 hits to the site! wow we're getting popular!

New additions to the site should be coming as soon as I get some free time and some motivation!

Tuesday, 25 December, 2001

Merry Xmas Rudies!

the Punky Reggae party was maddness! all those who didn't go should be kicking themselves. I did get some digital photos (& video clips) from the night so they should be up on the site sometime soon.

I finally got to see BrainHorn... and all I can say is VERY IMPRESSIVE. How these guys got put into a similar category as Bordello I have no idea, actually I do, its X-press reviewers not having a clue as per usual.

The Kudos Infant CD Demo is close at hand. They have just a few tracks left to touch up and it should be hitting the burners and getting into some of our hot little hands.

The Bankrupt DJs mix tape(CD) will soon be out... hopefully before the new year. It was aimed for release before Xmas as a "stocking filler" but Cest la vie. It should be out soon, so keep an eye out!

I don't know of any shows happening anytime soon at all. Which kinda sucks. The Dead-ends 2nd attempt at an 18+ cd launch should be happening next weekend. And I'm sure there will be a new years show or two. But nothing seems to be planned for January just yet. Rumors are about for a site launch show with All the bands featured on this site.

That's all for now...
Enjoy your Xmas

Wednesday, 19 December, 2001

Be Sure to check out Kudos Infant, BrainHorn, Behind the 8Ball and Zion Train at the Indy Club this Saturday night, 8 - 12. For your chance to score yourself a free copy of Kudos Infant's 8 track demo CD. Entry is only $3 and I assume its an 18+ show.

Westska now listed in Skahoo and Yahoo! not that it seems to make a lick of difference. But if you happen to forget the address you can look up us there. Actually you can't, I just tried and nothing. So yahoo are lying to me.

Be on the lookout for new fashion reviews and burgs' review of the Waste of Space CD launch. These should be up and online within' the week.

This week we hit 600 on our site counter! I'm excited!

Thursday, 13 December, 2001

What a news worthy week we have had, so much to tell!

Kudos infant have an eight track demo (with four bonus songs that they'll be giving away at gigs in the very near future. It's mostly their older, more longer and intense stuff, but the new tracks represent more of what they'll be doing on the record they have planed for early next year.

The Dead Ends CD launches are this weekend, Friday at the hydey and Sunday at the pit! the bankrupt DJs will be performing their first ever show, as last week they had to pull out as Ben was too sick to move (idiot!). Also performing at the show (ska wise) will be Behind The 8 Ball.

There are rumors of happenings on the Bankrupt camp, a new guitarist isn't too far away and the boys are currently in talks with a saxophone player (from a band many of you will remember).

Boredumb, who were about to get over the loss of their guitarist and drummer, have just lost their vocalist.

Billings Method have reformed after being broken up for a number of months.

Tuesday, 11 December, 2001

Well what an eventful weekend. The waste of space CD launch shows went down very well and with very good turn outs at both shows. The only let down of the whole weekend was my poor effort on Sunday, by not showing up to DJ outside. There should be a review or three from last weekend being added to the reviews section soon, and hopefully a photo or several.

In site news, I've split the Record reviews from the Show reviews section, and so they each have their own page, as you will see from the nav-bar. This should hopefully make things a bit easier to locate.

There isn't a Max R'n'R show on this Wednesday night because the 86 boys and girls have donated the night to a tafe crew who's show at the AMP was canceled. So I'm not sure if there is anything at all until this weekend with the Dead-Ends CD launch.

Also in cancellation news, that sling shot festival has been canned... for some "unforeseen reason" possibly lack of interest. Oh well.

Wednesday, 5 December, 2001

Gig guide has been updated! - again

Times-up will be playing an acoustic set at the Waste of Space 18+ CD launch this Friday. They will be replacing the confused and disillusioned Bankrupt DJs. Apparently there was a confusion with the organising of the new line up, and two acts were confirmed for the one spot.

New ALL-AGES show will be on this Saturday at the Leederville Skate Park. Featuring 'Behind the 8 Ball' playing at around 3:30. Entry is $5 and all of that goes to the skate park to get it (and keep it) going. A worthy cause!

Yesterday our mailing list broke the 20 people line! When I said broke I should have said SMASHED, 10 new people were added to the list yesterday! which brings us up to a total of 29, considering this site has been running for only a month with minimal hype and publicity its pretty daaamn good!

Happy Birthday to WESTSKA!
Yesterday marked ONE month of westska! although it may be argued that it didn't really start on the 4th, as there was nothing but a front page on the site.

Tuesday, 4 December, 2001

Waste of Space launch their Debut CD this weekend, the first Ska release in Perth since the Ska-men released "Skandal Street" back whenever that was. Check the Gig guide for all the latest info on the shows.

In the news :
*the Bankrupt DJs replace BrainHorn on the 18+ show. Come down and skank it up for your chance to WIN FREE STUFF! there will also be drink specials and an EATING Competition.

*There is word of a show happening on Saturday at the *new* Leederville skate park, no ska bands but some good bands are rumored to be playing. I have no confirmation of this so its not in the gig section yet. I'll keep you all posted

Thursday, 29 November, 2001

Two new CD reviews have been added to the reviews section, at last the reviews are finally coming in. Keep them coming everyone!

If anybody feels that they have something to say about anything ska... feel free to send it in to submit@westska.ii.net and I'll put it up, even if it doesn't fit into any categories at the moment, I'll try and make a new category for it to fit into.

Not to long before waste of space launch their debut EP. some new additions to the line up, BrainHorn are rumored to be at the 18+ show and The Bankrupt DJs (Rohan and myself) will be pumping out the tunes at the Pit Theatre (all ages) show.

Don't forget to check out Behind the 8 Ball, at the taipan room, For $5.

Tuesday, 20 November, 2001

The NEW and FANTASTIC URL is up and running!!! That's right westska is now one step closer to becoming a rudeboy household name!

As always MORE CONTENT is promised and on the way! Leesh is working on her first actual fashion review, this time she might not pass it over to one of her friends! and we're expecting a lot of CD reviews from people all about the state. If you would like to review a ska or ska related CD then contact us at submit@westska.ii.net.

What and exciting day it is!

Wednesday, 14 November, 2001

Added the fashion section.

Gigs happening soon?
if you have one e-mail us!

Monday, 12 November, 2001

Added a new section, to promote ska in the media. "Ska on Air" will attempt to be a comprehensive list of all things ska in radio, TV and film.

I hope to be updating the gig guide soon. It will be done when people get the dates to me.

Also fashion reviews should be up by tonight! that's a promise from our fashion guide!

Thursday, 8 November, 2001

Westska has two new additions.
The gig guide gets a new look and some new additions. This will hopefully make it easier to work out when it gets busy. Its got colour coding and a calender now!

we've also got a new addition to the team, Leesh, who will be our fashion journalist. Be expecting news and views on Rudeboy and Rudegirl fashion from early next week.

Corner pocket have a show coming up on Saturday at the pit theatre in midland. Its an all ages event so get down and get into it. The show kicks off at 12(noon). for more information see 'whats on'

Monday, 5 November, 2001

Western Ska Underground, gets its own e-mail address... and mailing list! you can join by clicking here or by sending an e-mail with the subject "add me to the list" or something like that to mail-list@westska.ii.net

WESTSKA should be up and working as of 3.09am, if you spot a problem please report it to us at problems@westska.ii.net, thankyou. Remember to check back in a few days time when there shall actually be some content up here.

One more thing, there have been some requests for anyone who could review "Ben Dog's B'Day" show. If anyone would like to send in their review, as short as it may be, send it to submit@westska.ii.net

Sunday, 4 November, 2001

Concept of Western Ska Underground developed and initial work takes place.

Ska pride... State wide!!!

Ben Dog Productions © 2001